How Is This Guy Even a Serious Contender ?!?

25 Oct
NYT Interviewer  Why did you choose to keep the birther issue alive?

Rick Perry:   It’s a good issue to keep alive. You know, Donald [Trump] has got to have some fun. It’s fun to poke him a little bit and say “Hey, let’s see your grades and your birth certificate.” I don’t have a clue about where the president — and what this birth certificate says. But it’s also a great distraction. I’m not distracted by it.

And his response to being asked about his flat tax idea increasing income inequality was basically “Eh, screw ’em”

10 Questions for Rick Perry

Seriously, how do these people make it this far??  People wonder why people like Christie, or Ryan aren’t running.  Well it is because they may be crazy, but they are not batshit crazy, which apparently what the Republican/Tea Party primary voters demand of their candidates.  And the truly amazing part is a lot of these people are not of the 1% … and the policies of the candidates they are clamoring for would screw them badly if enacted.  As I’ve said before it’s like the chickens voting for Col. Sanders
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