A Few Reasons Why

30 Oct

A good read from Glenn Greenwald in Aljazeera.

 From day 1 of the #OWS movement, the right has been confused. They can’t understand why these people are doing this. What does it accomplish? What are their demands?

 I really do get why they’re confused. It’s beyond them,—- the concept that money shouldn’t enable people to do anything they want.

Why,… of COURSE they can. They earned it.

Well, Madoff is the only money guy so far to have spent any time in jail. And he’s in jail only because he stole from the RICH guys.  That we can’t have, now can we.

My two favorite excerpts from the article——

>>>>>>.  In the 1980s, this paradox – whereby even those most trampled upon come to
cheer those responsible for their state – became more firmly entrenched. That’s
because it found a folksy, friendly face. Ronald Reagan, adept at feeding the
populace a slew of Orwellian clichés that induced them to defend the interests
of the wealthiest. “A rising tide,” as one former US president put it, “lifts
all boats”. The sum of his wisdom being: It is in your interest when the
rich get richer.  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>   In lieu of the rule of law – the equal application of rules to everyone –
what we have now is a two-tiered justice system in which the powerful are
immunised, while the powerless are punished with increasing mercilessness. As a
guarantor of outcomes, the law has, by now, been so completely perverted that it
is an incomparably potent weapon for entrenching inequality further, controlling
the powerless, and ensuring corrupted outcomes.

The tide that was supposed to lift all ships has, in fact, left startling
numbers of Americans underwater. In the process, we lost any sense that a common
set of rules applies to everyone, and so there is no longer a legitimising
anchor for the vast income and wealth inequalities that plague the nation.

That is what has changed, and a growing recognition of what it means is
fuelling rising citizen anger and protest. The inequality under which so many
suffer is not only vast, but illegitimate, rooted as it is in lawlessness and
corruption. Obscuring that fact has long been the linchpin for inducing
Americans to accept vast and growing inequalities. That fact is now too glaring
to obscure any longer.  <<<<<<<<<<<


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