Message To The Wing-Nut Kingdom

31 Oct

In the past month, the National Association of Federal Credit Unions recorded a 350 percent increase in Web traffic to its online credit union locator, The portal matches visitors with institutions they might be eligible to join based on affiliations, such as school, employer or church.

“There is a growing awareness of credit unions because of consumer anger at the big banks,” said Karen Tyson, senior vice president of marketing and communications at the trade group.”

If all the people screaming the “anti-capitalism/anti-american” nonsense about  movements like the #OWS would look just a little bit closer, they would find that,——–

The anger in this country is directed at the greed and corruption in the big finance and corporate systems,…. as evidenced by this crazy reaction to the big banks deciding they needed to gouge  charge a fee to customers in order to use their debit cards.  They needed to, of course,– keep their profit level,–  at your expense.  It’s things like this that people have had enough of.

The banks are backing off. Because of reactions like the one above.

Article here

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Posted by on October 31, 2011 in Politics


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