The Economic Policy Institute

31 Oct

Numbers,— Conservatives hate them unless they’ve ginned them up themselves. For conservatives, the Congressional Budget Office is a useless,unreliable, partisan, “just their opinion” institution whose numbers don’t mean anything,———- with the notable exceptions happening when the CBO numbers actually support their views. Then they become the be-all, end-all as far as those numbers are concerned.

Democrats seem to ignore them, in the sense that they don’t seem to know how to get the right ones, the most meaningful ones, across to JQ Public. Wasted opportunity after wasted opportunity as far as getting major points across to the public using numbers and statistics.

Everyone is always confused as to where these numbers come from. This article by Steve Pearlstein in the Washington Post tells us that a lot of those numbers may come from The Economic Policy Institute.

This interests me because I hear ssooooooo many different statements and opinions being thrown around, that I would really like to nail down a few Think Tank/numbers  organizations that I feel I can actually trust.

By the way, I was steered towards this article by a mention in Paul Krugman’s blog, which to me is the gold standard in economics commentary.

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