Cain Conspiracy?

07 Nov

Poor Herman, can’t cut a freakin’ break right now.  A fifth woman has come forward with allegations of inappropriate advances.

After reading this, I thought back to a conversation I had with friend of mine regarding poor old Herman earlier today.  I postulated that this whole scandal might just be being engineered not by the ‘evil left wing media’ but by the establishment Republican party apparatus.  Herman scares the shit out of the establishment, that he might actually win the nomination.  While they share the ultimate goals of the batshit-wingnut right, they would prefer to do it in a slower, less blatant manner.  It’s the whole boiling a frog problem.  The Walker’s and Kasich’s of the right have tried to throw us into boiling water, and we have jumped as evidenced by The support for Ohio’s Issue 2, Occupy Wall Street, and Bank Transfer Day.  Herman baby wants to throw us into boiling water.  This would make him very unlikely to win a general election given the current climate.

The establishment however would like someone who would boil the frog slowly so as not to jump, and hence they would prefer someone like, oh say, Mitt Romney. Someone who could actually get elected. Up until now the other crazies (Perry, Bachman) have had their meteoric rises and equally meteoric falls, but Herman has shown staying power.  And I think it is possible, maybe, perhaps … that the establishment is getting jittery, and is looking to bring him down, and have found a route through his apparent horniness.

Just a thought


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3 responses to “Cain Conspiracy?

  1. Kenyon

    November 8, 2011 at 6:49 am

    I think Herman Cain is the ultimate 2012 campaign sideshow. He’s the Stepin Fetchit for the Republican Right and all who huddle under that tent. They like to listen to his jokes and watch him dance but they ain’t going to let him marry their sister or move in next door…or, more importantly, move into the White House. The last thing they want to happen is the color scheme in the White House to stay the way it is or even get darker. Cain’s brief blossom of popularity may be useful in persuading Mitt Romney to continue to flip and flop to the right. And now, of course, Herman has lived up to what those people in the tent really think is the way black men routinely behave. The curtain is coming down on the Herman Cain Traveling Salvation Show.

  2. Kenyon

    November 8, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    On further reflection, I marvel at how well the Koch brothers have played their “brother from another mother”. Although I suspect they wish he could have gone a bit longer before the curtain fell, they certainly have gotten their money’s worth. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Brothers Grim weren’t aware all along of Cain’s “handiwork”, perhaps even pulling the necessary strings to leak the story. It’s all about timing!

  3. h2dog

    November 8, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    The little negative jabs about Cain from Rove, O’Reilly, etc, started not too long ago. I fully believe they’ve decided to at least slow his momentum,… if not just get him gone period.
    This situation would be a good start towards the end.
    Looks planned to me.


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