Berkley Kids – Violent People

10 Nov

I’m tired, tired, tired of the totally skewed way that, not just the Fox News types, but the rest of the media tends to want to portray the #Occupy movement.
I have heard this morning, from a few different places in my morning viewing and listening, that there was trouble from the protestors at Berkley last night.
If you take the time to watch this video, I’m assuming you’ll take from it the same thing I did. And that is that in my opinion, (I know this clip is just one moment in time), it’s pretty likely that if there is trouble, it’s not initiated by kids like this.
We’ll let the media cherry-pick the vids they want to show. Their reasons for the choices they make aren’t terribly hard to imagine,- ratings for some, ideology for others.
So take what you will out of this.
I know what I think. I think the same way this guy does.

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