The Job Creators

11 Nov

The job creators doing what they do best.

Bankrupt Corzine firm fires all workers

MF Global announced that it sacked its 1,066 employees as it complies with a bankruptcy court requirement to liquidate assets, The Associated Press reported. The firm will re-hire from 150 to 200 former employees to help the company completely close and process its bankruptcy claims, the AP said.

We need to protect these people. They mean everything to our economy. Practices like this create many jobs. (It’s a bit confusing, –have your republican representative explain)

So,… we need to give them———-

>More tax cuts. Eliminate the capital gains tax so that when they fuck up like this, they’ll be able to keep all of the mansions.

>Tax amnesty to protect them when they repatriate the money they hid offshore. 

 >Slap on the wrist as punishment when they gamble away people’s investments,– so that they will keep creating jobs, like they did in this example.

 >More political leverage, with their lobbyists controlling your congressman. (as a matter of fact, you should call your congressman and suggest this) 

 It’s only fair seeing as how they’re going through such trying times. They can’t catch a break. They’ve even misplaced a few things.

The firings come just a week after Corzine resigned as chairman and CEO of the collapsed firm. And Federal regulators are investigating MF Global after it was discovered that hundreds of millions of dollars in customer money had gone missing, according to previous reports.

 There’s one more point to make that’s very important, having to do with the above-mentioned investigation into the whereabouts of the money that was ‘misplaced’.

 If we would just listen to republicans, this particular problem would go away. It’s really a simple solution. The problem would be taken care if we, as our republican leadership suggests, abolished all regulations. As you’ve heard them say for a very long time, regulations are the biggest part of the problem.


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