14 Nov

Jon Hunstman stands no chance. He never really has. He’s the antipathy of what the conservative/bagger faction wants.

He is a fiscal conservative,… he supports the Paul Ryan Budget Plan. Privatize everything.

He advocates smaller government.

He instituted a flat tax in his own state,.. therefore measures up in that dept.

Now, you’re probably saying, “that’s a damned good, acceptable republican”.

But all it takes to reach that unacceptable position with these people  is to disagree with one of their main talking points. Just one, and you’re out the door. You know,… something that brings applause from a conservative audience. Like war, anti-gay, anti “anything that’s not evangelical”,   tax cuts, high execution rates, (you get a few extra points if the man may have been innocent), not helping people without health care ins., etc.

And Jon Huntsman disagrees with torture. That alone will be enough to stop him in the republican party. That’s all it takes. There’s a few more subjects that he isn’t totally onboard with,…. but this alone does the trick.

Jon Huntsman made the most eloquent case against waterboarding. “This country has values,” he said. “We have a name brand in the world… I’ve been an ambassador for my country three times. I’ve lived overseas and done business. We diminish our standing in the world and the values that we project that include liberty and democracy, human rights and open markets when we torture. We should not torture. Water-boarding is torture. We dilute ourselves down like a whole lot of other countries and we lose our ability to project values that a lot of people in a lot of corners of the world are still relying on the United States to stand up for.”

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