People Have a Right to Make a Buck, Don’t They?

16 Nov

Apparently the  generally accepted way to address the sky-rocketing health care and insurance costs will be to force have the poor and middle class pay more for premiums and services. They need to come up with more of their skin fair share.

 I think though, after looking at this example from David Atkins, that the poor and middle class just won’t be able to make up the difference.

 I get the feeling that, as you increase premiums and charges for ct scans, etc,, the free market that is defined by this example, will more than do what they need to do to stay ahead of the game.

by David Atkins

This is a priceless encapsulation of everything wrong with what America calls a healthcare system:

PHOENIX — An antivenom recently approved for fast treatment of severe reactions to scorpion stings comes with a high price tag.

Metro Phoenix hospitals are billing as much as $12,467 per vial of the antivenom, The Arizona Republic reported. Since the typical dose is three to five vials, bills for patients and their insurance companies can exceed $62,000.

The drug is made in Mexico and was clinically tested through the University of Arizona.

The cost inflates when the serum is sold in the United States. Each link in the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain from the Mexican factory to Arizona patients raises the price.

A Mexican biotechnology company produces more than 250,000 vials for Mexican residents, who are charged about $100 per vial.


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