David Frum- “Republicans are Crazy”

21 Nov

When lifelong, staunch republicans like David Frum start to say out loud that their party has distanced itself from reality,…..

Then maybe it’s time for republican leadership to,- like Frum says, – “take a look in the mirror”

When Did the GOP Lose Touch With Reality?

 I’ve been a Republican all my adult life. I have worked on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, at Forbes magazine, at the Manhattan and American Enterprise Institutes, as a speechwriter in the George W. Bush administration. I believe in free markets, low taxes, reasonable regulation, and limited government. I voted for John ­McCain in 2008, and I have strongly criticized the major policy decisions of the Obama administration. But as I contemplate my party and my movement in 2011, I see things I simply cannot support.
 I can’t shrug off this flight from reality and responsibility as somebody else’s problem. I belonged to this movement; I helped to make the mess. People may very well say: Hey, wait a minute, didn’t you work in the George W. Bush administration that disappointed so many people in so many ways? What qualifies you to dispense advice to anybody else?

 Fair question. I am haunted by the Bush experience, although it seems almost presumptuous for someone who played such a minor role to feel so much unease. The people who made the big decisions certainly seem to sleep well enough. Yet there is also the chance for something positive to come out of it all. True, some of my colleagues emerged from those years eager to revenge themselves and escalate political conflict: “They send one of ours to the hospital, we send two of theirs to the morgue.” I came out thinking, I want no more part of this cycle of revenge. For the past half-dozen years, I have been arguing that we conservatives need to follow a different course. And it is this argument that has led so many of my friends to demand, sometimes bemusedly, sometimes angrily, “What the hell happened to you?” I could fire the same question back: “Never mind me—what happened to you?”


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2 responses to “David Frum- “Republicans are Crazy”

  1. Kenyon

    November 21, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Frum can look in all the mirrors he wants. Why wouldn’t he? He’s a narcissist! Frum is like the guy that gets caught cheating on his wife, he’s not sorry he cheated, he’s just sorry he was caught. Frum still believes in the same old conservative shit. It didn’t work but it might work next time.

  2. h2dog

    November 21, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    I don’t think that Frum is going to co-author anything with Bernie Sanders soon.
    But I do think that having someone like this say….
    Republicans— crazy
    Republicans— stupid
    Is a good thing.


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