Hmmmnnnnnn???– Where’s the ‘Magic’?

28 Nov

So,…. looking at this graph,…. where exactly is this ‘magic’ that’s supposed to happen when republican administrations get their hands on the US economy??

I don’t see any history of ‘magic’ from republican policy.  No ‘magical’ reductions in spending. In fact, looks like GW Bush did a ‘reverse’ magic act, and somehow increased spending. I’m sure Grover Norquist could explain.

I think that, … via a little slight-of-hand,… the ‘magic’ that happens is that in a republican administration  more money ‘magically’ ends up in the accounts of that 1% we’ve been hearing so much about lately.

And middle-class/ poor people ‘magically’ end up with much less in theirs. Amazing how that really pans out, isn’t it Grover.

(GW did a bang-up job during his stay, didn’t he?)

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Posted by on November 28, 2011 in Economy, Politics



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