30 Nov

The latest bitch about the Occupy movement is that it’s cost municipalities across the country in excess of 13 million dollars. ( I won’t bother questioning where that number came from right now,.. although I most certainly do question it)

Of course, not-so-much mention of the trillion+ that what they’re protesting cost this economy. That would be gauche, because we all know that shit just happens when the “job-creators” get on a roll.  ( Somebody has to explain to me someday how big finance guys that create and trade financial documents that aren’t worth anything to anyone but themselves,  … somehow are “job-creators”. Somebody explain that to me, please.)

Back to the Occupy deal.—– I’m going to suggest a couple of things that would cut the police expenses considerably.

>  Adjust the cop to protestor ratios—- If you are dealing with maybe a thousand peaceful people who are only armed  with signs, laptops, video cameras, and smartphones, I would think you could whittle the number of police down to maybe a one to three ratio. If you’re fully armed, and maxed out in full riot gear, you probably can contain these protestors violent tendencies. Because they actually don’t have any violent tendencies.

>You can also save on equipment expenditures—- I’ve seen a few instances of overuse as far as tear gas, pepper spray, flash grenades, and rubber bullets are concerned. (luckily, tasers can be recharged, and batons will last through several beatings if you’re careful)  I think that a few of the officers might be taking the opportunity to have a little fun with their work. I wouldn’t condemn them for it normally, but they do have to realize the expense. Just bring it back a little, guys. You can still have your fun, but be a little more discerning.  The pepper spray seems to be a particular problem. It’s more expensive than you think. I would suggest that when you use it, it’s much better to be within 8 to 10 inches of the protestor’s face, for maximum effectiveness. Otherwise, a lot of it ends up in the air.

That is just a couple of suggestions that would bring the bill for this down to a more reasonable number. I will point to this photo of the LA police taking down an Occupy encampment last night, as a model to work by. You’ll notice that the officer has his rifle pointed within a few feet of the subject,– by doing this he maximizes effectiveness. No wasted rubber bullets. (assuming he’s using rubber bullets)  This is an example of good, cost-conscious police work. I’m going to go out on a limb, and guess that the protestor coming out of his little pup tent most likely decided not to make any trouble, with that rifle barrel in his face. I know that I would think twice before firing up my video camera.

Police Raid ‘Occupy L.A.’ Camp

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