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07 Dec

Spent several years around this kind of stuff, (in the same arena), and I remember being like a little kid all the time. Because the stuff being done was, to me, almost magical.  (Toph may disagree with that viewpoint, but he’s friggin’ used to it)

 How can anybody look at this and not be in awe of what these guys can come up with.  (Although they could have spent a little more time with the photoshop part and the finger)

 Article here


IMFT-20nm_die.jpgIntel-Micron Flash Technologies 20nm die — The industry’s first monolithic 128 gigabit (Gb) NAND die represents continued leadership by Intel and Micron on the world’s most advanced 20 nanometer (nm) NAND production process technology. The new 20nm 128Gb device doubles the storage capacity and performance of the companies’ existing 20nm 64Gb NAND device.

IMFT-20nm_die-context.jpgWorld’s Highest-Capacity NAND flash memory die — New 20nm NAND from Intel and Micron provides unprecedented storage density. The industry’s first monolithic 128 gigabit (Gb) part can store 1 terabit of data in a single fingertip-size package with just eight die—a new storage benchmark that meets the ongoing demand for slim, sleek products.

 And Republicans say,…. “gotta hate me soma thet science!!”.  Until of course they pick up their next gadget that lets them make a restaurant reservation while they’re driving into town. Or until they have to get that new ultra efficient furnace that runs on half the fuel. Or until they need their GPS to find their way out of the woods when they get lost hunting. Or until that new combination of polymers lets them iinsulate their house at 5 times the r-factor.

 You know,—- that wasn’t science,—- that was the free market!!  Well, I suppose in a sense it was. But you sure as hell don’t have one without the other. And you sure as hell don’t help this country compete with really, really hungry and focused countries like China and India by cutting funding for education and making teachers double or triple their class size. Conservatives will set this country back 150 years in a decade or two if we let them.

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