(Belated) Sunday Reads

12 Dec

Sorry for the delay, but a few belated Sunday reads

  • Of the Republican field I have to say that I really do like Ron Paul.  Not because I agree with his policy positions, in fact I disagree with many of them.  But I respect the fact that he is consistent in what he says, and that he does actually believe in what he says.  He may be the only honest man in the Republican party. Five Myths About Ron Paul
  • Now on the other side is Newt Gingrich.  One of the more repulsive figures of Republicandom who’s political fortunes have risen from the dead like the zombies in the Walking Dead.  Five Myths About Newt Gingrich

  • Rick Perry’s homophobic “Strong” ad is on track to be one of the most disliked videos in You tube history.  Seems it is currently it is in third place with 600K+ dislikes as of 10pm EST.
  • Ross Douthat says Gingrich is to Republicans what Kerry was to Democrats in 2004, and has this Great closing line,

Conservatives may want catharsis, but the rest of the public seems to mainly want reassurance. They already know Barack Obama isn’t the messiah he was once cracked up to be. What they don’t know is whether they can trust anyone else to do better.

  • Besides the fact offering to make a $10,000 bet kinda ruins that whole “guy next door” thing for Mitt, doesn’t Mormonism frown upon gambling?
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