18 Dec

How–neat–is–this,….. inf*%king-credible.
And yes,… I used to LOVE pinball when I was a kid. Spent hour upon hour.

From David Atkins via Digby’s blog—

Pinball on a building

by David Atkins

When I was a little toddler accompanying my mom and dad to the video arcade, I would frequently be placed on top of a pinball table next to the one my dad would play on, staring at the flashing lights for ages. I’ve loved pinball ever since, in both its physical and video manifestations.

So this at the festival of lights from Place des Celestins in Lyon is all sorts of awesome:

Attentive gamers will recognize the sound effects from the free pinball game that comes embedded with Windows XP. Ah, the memories…

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Posted by on December 18, 2011 in Humor, Science


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