The Republican Party Has Gone Insane

19 Dec

That is my quote of the day from Redstate,com’s Erick Erickson article here

The conservatives/GOP are eating their own.  They are slowly imploding.  The intellectual voices of conservatism, such as Bill Buckley, are long gone.  what is left is a roiling pot of conflicting ideals driven by anti-intellectualism, oppressive social ideals, and monetary fetishism.

This election should be a gimme for them with the economy in the toilet, and all they can muster for candidates is this ragtag bunch of clowns.  Anyone potentially worth a shit won’t run, because they know there is no one who can meet the the mish-mash of ideological purity test laid before the candidates.  Reagan fails. W fails.  Hell, even Christ would fail.

The Great Right Hope

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Posted by on December 19, 2011 in Humor, Politics, Rant


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