It’s Getting Good

21 Dec
  • A little publicized provision of ‘ObamaCare” has gone into effect this month, and it it is one of the bigger deals of the legislation.  Starting this month insurers are being required to have a medical loss ratio of 80/20  What that means is that insurance companies must spend at least 80% of your premiums on actual *gasp* health care.  Needless to say, conservatives are aghast at this.  Republican controlled states such as Michigan and Florida have requested waivers for this provision, but these have been solidly denied by Feds. A good summary over at Balloon Juice here

“President Obama claims the new healthcare reform law will decrease healthcare costs for Americans,” said Coffman (R-CO). “However, the new Medical Loss Ratio included in the law may have the opposite effect by forcing insurers to increase— not decrease— premiums, because insurers will be discouraged from investing in administrative services, such as anti-fraud or anti-waste services, that could save consumers money…

Are you fucking kidding me?

  • The pummeling of Newt continues even as his bubble seems to be bursting.  And now that Ron Paul is ascending in Iowa, the knives are coming out here, here, and here.  The Republicans are dead set on making Mitt the 2012 Bob Dole.
  • Apparently the EU did not learn from our fuck ups here
  • There is already a plug-in for Firefox to circumvent SOPA should it become law.  Technology, or more importantly, geeks, will always come up with ways to circumvent the laws.
  • And today the House Republicans are still dead set on making themselves look like assholes.  This one just kills me.  I personally am against the payroll tax cut itself, it is just a political ploy and has the potential to undermine Social Security if continued ad infinitum.  The Republicans should be all over this because A) it’s a tax cut B) if they continue to push it year after year they could ultimately get their wish and undermine Social Security.  But no, Obama wants it, therefore no tax cut.  They are making it glaringly obvious with this simple maneuver that all they care about is denying Obama ANYTHING and that they don’t give one wit about the middle class and the poor.
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One response to “It’s Getting Good

  1. h2dog

    December 21, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    You’re getting better at this.


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