12 Graphs – Jared Bernstein

30 Dec

Jared Bernstein, — an economist that actually makes an effort to get the facts out in a way that the guy on the street can understand, —  put up a dozen graphs on his blog.  Dealing, in a clear, understandable way, with several issues and misrepresentations that have been out there for some time. ( and he always does this funny thing that republicans usually don’t bother with,… he shows his sources. Imagine that)

Anyway, if anyone has even a passing interest in the economic situation why’s and wherefores, they should take a look at these graphs.

The Best of CBPP Graphs: Guideposts on the Road Back to Factville

A couple that especially interested me:

>> This kills the republican standard talking point that when taxes are a few percentage points higher on the wealthy,… jobs disappear and the economy sinks. The 90s boomed. Now that the rich guys taxes are where GW Bush wanted them, the economy is in the dumper.

#4: And those at the top of the wealth scale have seen a much reduced tax burden as a share of their income.

>>>  Privatizing medicare will cost people more. The average person has no leverage with big health systems or big Pharma. Please don’t let anyone tell you differently. The republicans free market mantra, where grandma “negotiates” a better deal, (in between bouts with her dimentia, I suppose), will bankrupt hundreds of thousands in a much more expiditious manner. I know that personally, when I’m very sick, I’m much better at swinging the best deal out there.

#9: You can’t emphasize this point enough: health care spending grows faster in the private than in the public sector. It’s just not a normal good, friends, and market solutions, like “everybody get out there and shop for the best deal,” are not a magic bullet.

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