A New Twist on Labor Negotiations

11 Jan

 I’ve heard for a few years now that chinese factory workers were, slowly, starting to come to the realization that they should be able to, maybe, —– pay their bills, house themselves, eat, and have at least an outside chance at buying and using one of those gadgets that they produce for the rest of the world.

 Which is bad news for our ‘patriotic’ corporations that have outsourced all their work to China, (among other places), so they could take advantage of that cheap, cheap labor and the subsidies that the Chinese government throws their way to get them to build their plants there. 

 Poor bastards,— wouldn’t it be terrible if those companies  had to relocate to avoid rising labor costs. Think what it might do to those record profits.

 Probably not too hard though. Like a friend of mine said to me recently,— if Chinese labor costs get to be a little much, there’s 80 million Bangledeshi that will be happy to work for food.

 But still, this is a novel approach in labor negotiations—–       From the Huff Post

300 Chinese Foxconn Workers ‘Threaten Mass Suicide’ At XBox Plant, Reports Claim

 Around 300 Chinese workers who manufacture XBox consoles took to a factory roof and threatened bosses with mass suicide over a dispute about pay, unconfirmed reports have claimed.

The workers were employed at the Foxconn Technology Park in Wuhan in Hubei province. Foxconn is an independent, global manufacturing partner to companies including Apple, Microsoft and Sony.


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Posted by on January 11, 2012 in Economy, foreign affairs, Politics


One response to “A New Twist on Labor Negotiations

  1. Tony

    May 18, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Good Ole capitalism at work!!!


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