SOPA & PIPA update

16 Jan

From Kos,

First, late on Friday came the announcement that the DNS portion of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was removed from the bill. Not long afterwards came the announcement that the bill as a whole was essentially shelved in the House

At around the same time, seven senators, including three co-sponsors, announced their opposition to the Protect IP Act (PIPA)

In the midst of these repeated victories, the White House released a statement in response to a We The People petition on SOPA and PIPA. The statement has been widely interpreted as opposing SOPA and PIPA in their current forms.

This is good.  These bills would be essentially disastrous to freedom of expression on the internet, and render things like blogs, facebook, and almost any type of user generated comment site an endangered species. If you are unfamiliar with these bills check out this short article, it hits the basic bullet points of things wrong with the bills.

And if you haven’t yet, please send a note to you congress people opposing these bills hereHere is a list of Congresspeople who have expressed their yea or nea for the bills

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