Newt “Knows no Shame” Gingrich

20 Jan

You know,… it’s not like it’s a tough thing to do to point out Newt’s world-class level of hypocrisy.

 The same guy who tried to get a president impeached because of that president’s unwillingness to discuss a certain “activity” that he’d participated in, — now is “appalled” that someone would bring up an event that occured in HIS life that, …in my opinion,…. was much, much worse. Because you have to remember,—- Newt left his first wife when she was battling cancer. And he left his 2nd wife after she had been diagnosed with MS. (plus that little family values oriented thing about his wanting an “open marriage”, and her refusing to do that)

 Here’s a little Newt history—  

Gingrich Attacks Clinton On Lewinsky Matter, Foreign Policy

The administrations legal fight to shield the testimony of Secret Service agents in the Lewinsky case was the last straw, Gingrich said.

The speaker once again pledged to say during every public appearance that Americans have the right to know the truth about the Lewinsky matter and that the president is not above the law.


 And this is our “family values protecting” republican presidential candidate last night telling John King from CNN how “appalled” he was by him bringing up such a sordid subject in a presidential debate. How classless!

 I don’t see any irony there,….. do you??


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Posted by on January 20, 2012 in Economy, foreign affairs, Humor, Politics, Rant


One response to “Newt “Knows no Shame” Gingrich

  1. toph

    January 20, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Two favorite debate moments last night, THAT and Mittens being booed for his tax return answer – booed by his own kin!


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