Sunday Reads

22 Jan
  • Oh Newt! Thank you so much you despicable little bastard for winning South Carolina.  Either you will win the nomination, which would be great given this           or Mittens will win the nomination and be quite bloodied, a win-win either way if you ask me
  • Chris Christie is still a prince.  The Republicans are just cannibalizing themselves.
  • Boehner is still a dick. He still keeps pushing the Keystone XL pipeline BS, with claims of tens of thousands of jobs and energy security.  The owners of the pipeline even say there will only be a few thousand long term jobs, and most of the oil is destined to be exported (otherwise you wouldn’t need to pipe it to a gulf port)
  • Another nice pick apart of Newt’s child janitor proposal over at Balloon Juice.  I think this topic is being beaten to death because many, including myself, cannot fathom anyone taking this proposal seriously by anyone.
  • Wall Street is pulling in smaller bonuses.  Boo fuckin hoo. I read through this and wonder what planet these guys live on. In defending their absurd compensation to revenue ratios, “Bank executives have long said that they must pay a larger slice of a shrinking pie in bad times to retain their top people.”  You mean these same top people who drove the global economy right off a cliff?
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