Today’s Grand Old Party

07 Feb

 Only two states,… I know. Not exactly a representative cross-section of the entire country.

 But I’m thinking that these numbers are closer to being the rule than the exception. I think I’ll keep an eye on this as the GOP primaries move along.

 And it’s one of the rare times I’m both disgusted, and happy, to point out republican tendencies.

 World’s changin’, boys. And you make it clear that you not only don’t want to keep up,….. you’d prefer going back a hundred or more years. That attitude will hopefully make your ideology just a sick part of history.

 From the Kos today:

 Nevada GOP bleeds Latino support

 Nevada 2008 GOP caucus turnout, by race:

White 88
African American 1
Latino 8
Asian 2
Other 1

Nevada 2012 GOP caucus turnout, by race:

White 90
African American 1
Latino 5
Asian 2
Other 2

26.5 percent of Nevada’s population is now Latino, and almost half of the state’s growth over the past decade has come from this community. Unlike anywhere else in the country, Latino turnout in Nevada increased in 2010 over that of 2008—the biggest reason Harry Reid is still in the Senate.

Yet at a time when Nevada is becoming browner, and its Latinos more active, its GOP is becoming whiter—a sure-fire recipe for long-term irrelevancy


 And from the South Carolina primary a short time ago:

 In a state where African-Americans make up 28 percent of the electorate and 1 percent of the voters in the primary today.  But what an indictment of a party that in a diverse state, 99 percent of the voters were white. Look at this:

Screen shot 2012-01-21 at 8.13.42 PM

If I were a Republican, I’d be ashamed. But Gingrich won, I think, because shame is alien to him. Especially when it comes to race


Posted by on February 7, 2012 in Politics


2 responses to “Today’s Grand Old Party

  1. toph

    February 7, 2012 at 11:42 am

    the GOP really is becoming the party of “pissy old white guys” … given demographic trends in this country if they keep on their current trajectory they will slowly become irrelevant over the next 20yrs

  2. h2dog

    February 7, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    Can’t happen fast enough. We’ve got a decade+ of proof that they can do some major damage in a short period of time. Their base is just so f$#king stupid. And any of their leaders that might have half a brain, have to play dumb to keep their jobs.
    And I don’t want to even start with the ethics part of things. Too much there.


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