Too Funny

07 Feb

Last May the Onion published an article Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex.

TOPEKA, KS—Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday the grand opening of its long-planned $8 billion Abortionplex, a sprawling abortion facility that will allow the organization to terminate unborn lives with an efficiency never before thought possible.

“Although we’ve traditionally dedicated 97 percent of our resources to other important services such as contraception distribution, cancer screening, and STD testing, this new complex allows us to devote our full attention to what has always been our true passion: abortion,” said Richards, standing under a banner emblazoned with Planned Parenthood’s new slogan, “No Life Is Sacred.” “And since Congress voted to retain our federal funding, it’s going to be that much easier for us to maximize the number of tiny, beating hearts we stop every day.”

Apparently some people have come late to the party. From NY Mag Congressman Alerts Facebook Followers to Onion Story About $8 Billion Abortionplex.

Satire got the best of unsuspecting or factually impaired Republican Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana this past Friday. An ardent opponent of abortion, Fleming posted on his Facebook account a link to a May 11, 2011 story by The Onion titled “Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex.”

Fleming’s Facebook status, which has since been deleted, included the link with the note, “More on Planned Parenthood, abortion by the wholesale.”

That’s right, show us your utter gullibility.  Even not knowing that the Onion is satire, how could you NOT know that the article is a spoof?  The details contained therein are sooooo over the top.  I suppose this explains how these folks can believe Obama is a Muslim Manchurian candidate sent to turn the U.S. into a socialist Hell hole.


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One response to “Too Funny

  1. mpbulletin

    February 8, 2012 at 11:32 am

    It does indeed provide a glimpse at how they are able to so readily believe the outlandish claims made about everything liberal, leftist or Obama-ish.


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