Public Policy Polling on the Birth Control Issue

10 Feb

I suppose there’s a small amount of legitimacy involved with the perception that some Catholic institutions are being ‘forced’ into an action that is against their belief. That can and will be worked out.

 But this howling by republican leadership that somehow contraception, by being part of a health package, is some kind of “attack on religion” is just f#*king nuts. It’s nothing but a very blatant, obvious attempt to make some political hay out of a situation that just doesn’t matter to the greater part of the population. Just a way to attack Obama and the administration.

 The vast majority of Catholic women say that they have used or do use contraceptives. It’s not a secret,…. well, maybe it’s still a secret to the Catholic hierarchy.

 (A little warning,—- this survey was done for planned parenthood,—– get ready for the screaming from the right)

 February 10, 2012

Our polling on the birth control issue

We’ve had a lot of people asking us this week if we’ve done any polling about the birth control issue. We did a national survey for Planned Parenthood last weekend. Here are the key things we found:

-56% of voters generally support the birth control benefit, while 37% are opposed. Independents strongly favor it, 55/36, and a lot more Republicans (36%) support it than Democrats (20%) oppose it. Women are for it by a 63/29 margin.

-Only 39% of voters support an exemption for Catholic hospitals and universities from providing the benefit, while 57% are opposed to one.

There is a major disconnect between the leadership of the Catholic Church and rank and file Catholic voters on this issue. We did an over sample of almost 400 Catholics and found that they support the benefit overall, 53-44, and oppose an exception for Catholic hospitals and universities, 53-45. The Bishops really are not speaking for Catholics as a whole on this issue.

-Republican agitating on this issue could cause themselves trouble at the polls this year. 40% of voters say Mitt Romney’s stance makes them less likely to vote for him, while only 23% consider it a positive. With the Catholic oversample it’s 46% less likely and 28% more likely. And Congressional Republicans are imperiling themselves as well. 58% of voters oppose them trying to take the benefit away, while only 33% are supportive.

Republicans will win this fall if they can convince voters that the economy stinks and it’s Barack Obama’s fault and putting them in power will fix the problem. If they want to make it about social issues and making it easy and affordable for women to access birth control, Democrats win.

 Update:    From the Kos

 >>   After spending a week of hearing opportunistic Republicans scream about “war on religion,” President Barack Obama announced a compromise that, quite shockingly, is making everyone (except for opportunistic and hypocritical Republicans) happy!

Remember, the parties in question here were the federal government and the Catholic hospitals. And what have those Catholic hospitals said?

The president of the Catholic Health Association, a trade group representing Catholic hospitals that had fought against the birth control requirement, said the organization was pleased with the revised rule.”The framework developed has responded to the issues we identified that needed to be fixed,” Sister Carol Keehan said in a statement.

Now, of course, the Bishops may not be happy. But that’s because they don’t want any woman to receive birth control coverage. And of course, those opportunistic Republicans are left hanging—railing against a compromise that makes both sides happy because, quite frankly, they have now been denied a talking point.


>>  Conservative true anti-sex agenda revealed. The forced-birth industry has finally outed itself—their primary obsession isn’t abortion, it’s sex. They hate it. They want women to stop doing it. And if they do it, they want babies to result. (And yes, it’s directed at women, because they have no problem with Viagra being covered by insurance.)

In other words, they don’t want people to have sex for pleasure. And that’s not going to be a winning position because, quite frankly, people like to have sex, and they like to have it without fear of making babies. Conservatives want to wage a battle about the morality of birth control, and they’re going to get crushed doing so.


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