Fox News …. Pushing Some Buttons

20 Feb

So,… what do you do when your base is getting so lethargic, so disenchanted with what’s supposed to be passing for presidential material, that record low numbers are showing up for your primaries. And the only thing you’re sure of is that NONE of the fools you’ve thrown at them so far could beat the incumbent democrat in the White House now.

 Well, if you’re Fox News, you do whatever you need to do to stir up the crazies. Give ’em something to scream incoherently about.

 For the last couple of weeks, you’ve whipped up a frenzy about something that’s been a non-issue for decades,— birth control. Just call it a war on religion, and your base will start screaming.

 And then, you throw in a couple of things like this, and show your crazies that Obama is going to seriously deplete the U.S. ability to defend itself.

 Because, —- after all,— the Russians are comin’ now!!

 This ought to whip the wing nut, crazy, republican base into a friggin’ frenzy!!


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pledges more defense spending


Two elections, two defense policies: Russian prime minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin vows to spend $770 billion to modernize and expand the military — while President Obama’s budget slashes the size of the military and cuts back on weapons spending

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Posted by on February 20, 2012 in Economy, foreign affairs, Politics


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