Gasland Producer’s PBS Interview– Josh Fox… 2010

22 Feb

You’ll remember that a few weeks ago, the producer of the documentary “Gasland”,– Josh Fox,– tried to film an open hearing that dealt with fracking issues.

 He was arrested. The republican reps. saw to that. We found that virtually nobody is refused access to filming any of these open hearings. But they used some trumped up line of bullshit to get him out of their hair.

They tried to portray this guy as a radical, tree-hugging, environmentalist.  ( which I don’t see anything wrong with, but this guy is just not)     

 I’m trying to accomplish two things with this post. The video is 20 minutes long, but well worth the time.  

The first,— this PBS interview is really informative. Just a lot of good information. About 6 and a half minutes in, you’ll see a good example of the potentially bad things that some people will see from fracking. A man in Colorado that lights his tapwater. It’s a fun thing to watch. It makes a nice little flash fire. But, I’m glad I don’t have the problem at my place.

My second point is this,…. as much as the anti-regulation people would like to portray Josh as some kind of crazy environmentalist, it’s just not true. If you listen to the man, he’s about as calm, collected a person as I’ve ever heard speak. He’s just a guy who saw some strange things happening,  essentially in his back yard in Pennsylvania. Tried to get some answers. Thought it was weird when nobody would give him any,…. and then followed up on it. He’s not the crazy person that they’d have you believe.

He’s TOO sane for those people. That’s the problem.     Looking forward to Gasland II

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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