Can Presidents Control Gas Prices?

24 Feb

 So,….. I’m trying to get this straight,…..

 Republicans want the public to believe that Obama hates the country so much that he’s on a mission to get gas prices jacked up as high as he possibly can by the summer travel season.

 In order toooo,……… I’m not sure. ——- give clean energy a boost????  ——- Get cars off the road????

 Who knows. But you’re supposed to believe that,…… in an election year,….. with a big issue,…. something everybody hates, high gas prices,…… Obama and his staff said hey, now’s the time to get those prices over $5 a gallon!! ——–  Yeah, probably.

From Andrew Sullivan:

Can Presidents Control Gas Prices?


Not really:

Now certainly America’s oil consumption, and to some degree our policies in the Middle East, affect global oil prices. Refining capacity is also a factor, and it happens that an unusual number of US refineries have been shut down recently by their operators. (The West’s confrontation with Iran is also having an effect, according to this news report.) But we are also clearly in lockstep with global price trends. So if you want to blame Bush for that peak or credit him for that crash, or you want to blame Obama for the subsequent rise in prices, then you should also blame and credit German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicholas Sarkozy, and the rest of ’em.


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2 responses to “Can Presidents Control Gas Prices?

  1. toph

    February 24, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Funny, for all the Republicans alleged business savvy, they simply cannot wrap their minds around the fact that oil is priced in a global market. No matter how much we produce here in the US it will still be priced on the … global … market.

  2. h2dog

    February 24, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    They have their base — an altogether scarily large group of total idiots,– that will buy anything.
    And then, they count on the fact that gas price ups and downs are a tough thing to predict.
    It’s a situation tailor-made for these fearmongering ass-holes.


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