Romney’s Bold BS

08 Mar

Republicans at work

Republicans lie all the time, every time.

How can you say that you have a “bold” tax plan that will save the country in one breath,—

and then say that your plan can’t be evaluated because there aren’t any “details”  worked out yet, in the next breath?????????

For Mitt Romney, —– seems to be an easy thing.

So,…. who out there wants this man to be the one to decide when the next war will start??

Romney Claims His ‘Bold’ Tax Plan ‘Can’t Be Scored’   By Jon Perr

As The Hill reported today, the GOP frontrunner is now essentially claiming he deserves an “A” because the dog ate his homework:

“So I haven’t laid out all of the details about how we’re going to deal with each deduction, so I think it’s kind of interesting for the groups to try and score it, because frankly it can’t be scored, because those kinds of details will have to be worked out with Congress, and we have a wide array of options.”

As Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog rightly concluded:

“Let’s be clear on this: A tax plan that can’t be scored because it doesn’t include sufficient details is not a plan. It’s a gesture towards a plan, or a statement of intended direction, or perhaps an unusually wonky daydream. But it’s not a plan.”

Romney’s may not be a plan, but it is a recipe. At a time of record income inequality, the lowest federal tax burden in 60 years, and large budget deficits without listing all of his ingredients, Mitt Romney is just offering a recipe for exploding national debt and a windfall for the wealthy.

As the Washington Post explained in its discussion of an analysis by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, “until the campaign offers a more specific plan, Budget Watch analysts said Romney’s entire framework would add about $2.6 trillion to the debt by 2021.” That’s likely a conservative estimate. As ThinkProgress and the Washington Post’s Lori Montgomery and Ezra Klein documented, Mitt Romney’s risky new scheme makes George W. Bush look like Karl Marx:

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