Sandra Fluke – An Update

13 Mar


Of COURSE Rush Limbaugh, and the conservative neanderthal lunatics that thrive on his over-the-top, good-ol’ boy trash, hate this woman.

She’s, from all appearances, extremely intelligent, reasonable, well-spoken, and just trying to help some people.

It would be bad for republican business if they allowed too many like this to get to a platform where people could hear some actual reasonable discussion.

Personally, I consider this woman a hero. She’s made it through this smear campaign and done it with dignity. And not let the horrible insults and epithets that they’ve thrown her way take her off course at all. No back and forth with the people trying to tear her down. She wants a discussion about what she’s advocating,… not a yelling match with some crazies. Focused.

Listening to this lady talk,— it just amazes me that the far-right conservatives could try to turn a straightforward request/advocacy for private Insurance coverage, (not government, you idiots), of such a basic health consideration,  into ” she’s a slut and she wants me to pay for it!”  Beyond comprehension.

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Sandra Fluke On Rush Limbaugh Controversy: Attempts To Silence Women Have ‘Clearly Failed

In an op-ed published on on Tuesday, Sandra Fluke again spoke out about the Rush Limbaugh controversy, stating that the conservative radio host’s “attempts to silence women” have “clearly failed.”

“These smears are obvious attempts to distract from meaningful policy discussions and to silence women’s voices regarding their own health care,” wrote Fluke. “These attempts to silence women and the men who support them have clearly failed.”

She continued, “Attacking me and women who use contraception by calling us prostitutes and worse cannot silence us.”

Limbaugh sparked controversy last month when he called Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” on-air after the third-year Georgetown Law student was denied the opportunity to testify before a congressional panel in support of insurers covering the cost of contraception. The popular radio host’s comments provoked national outrage, and led many of Limbaugh’s advertisers to pull their spots from his show. Limbaugh issued an apology for his comments, but maintained his opposition to contraception funding.

Fluke has been widely supported by Democratic lawmakers, including President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who both made personal calls to the law student following Limbaugh’s comments.

She appeared on CNN’s “Starting Point” on Tuesday morning to discuss her op-ed and the controversy surrounding her position. Fluke said that while the personal attacks have made the last few weeks “difficult” for her, the experience has afforded her the opportunity to inform the public on the issue of contraception.

“I think one of the other low points in this process has been the misinformation that’s being put out to the public about this debate,” she said. “And that’s one of the main reasons that I wanted to submit the op-ed, because I wanted people to understand that this is neither government subsidized contraception nor is contraception as incredibly cheap as some people have shared.”



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