Frank Rich

22 Mar

A good quote about Mitt Romney’s comedy tour:

Romney may be almost too ripe for parody. Won’t the gags and Web parodies get old? Never. Letterman landed a new dog joke just this week. (“It was such a beautiful day today, Mitt Romney was riding on the roof of his car.”) Comedy is the only business we can be certain that a Romney presidency would grow.
 And a bonus thought:
 Last year, Paul Ryan again proposed a budget that cut and privatized Medicare, and the GOP ran away from it after it polled terribly. Yesterday, he did it again. What gives? And does this play into the presidential race? Again, you see the impenetrability of the GOP bubble, and just how far right the party has moved. Privatizing Medicare was one of Bush’s top domestic initiatives but it proved so politically toxic that he had to abandon it after his own party’s caucus in Congress bailed. Even the early tea-party protestors had placards saying “Get Government’s Hands Off My Medicare!” They may have been ignorant of the fact it’s a federal program, but they sure didn’t want anyone to fool with it. But here that idea is back again from Ryan — along with other bad ideas — and there are already some GOP radicals in the House saying his plan does not go far enough! This is a political gift to the Democrats. Since Obama tried in good faith to negotiate serious reform for Medicare and the other entitlements, only to be rebuffed by the Party of No, he can ram Ryan’s
schemes down the GOP’s throat this fall with a clear conscience.
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