Ryan Budget in Pictures

03 Apr

Tax breaks to the very wealthy – Check

Gut programs for poor and disadvantage – Check

Deficit Reduction – well this is a little more complicated.  The CBO scored Ryan’s budget using HIS revenue projections.  These projections are based on “closing loopholes” in the tax code.  And what loopholes would he close? He has no idea, hasn’t specified a one, and we have seen how much the Republicans want to go after tax loopholes with the recent Big Oil subsidy fight.  The Tax Policy Center scored the Ryan plan using what is on paper, not what “we’ll get around to doing”, and it don’t look pretty

Obama called the budget “thinly veiled social Darwinism.”  That is indeed what it is.  The whole basis of modern conservative economics is social Darwinism, and many of us have thought that for a long time.  But it has had to become so blatant and egregious for politicians to finally speak it aloud.  And this budget comes from a man who milked the “entitlement society” for all it’s worth … A man who had the balls to tell a student to work three jobs for his education instead of relying on Pell Grants when he himself relied on SSI survivor benefits for his education.

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