Some AZ Thoughts

03 Apr

Just got off the phone a while ago with a friend that lives in Tempe, Arizona. Known her since I lived there for a couple of years, in a past life. She and her husband have a few kids. The oldest daughter will graduate from high school this year.
She said me that her daughter had told her there was going to be a school walk-out/protest in the area this Thursday. Kids were going to support their Mexican American/ Mexican friends that were having to deal with the extreme anti-immigrant laws Arizona has come up with recently.
Maybe big, maybe not,…. we’ll see Thurs.
I realize that it’s an important, valid issue. The drag on border states like Arizona can be devastating. But so can laws that become too draconian.
The biggest thing I took away from our talk, though, was this. My friend said to me that her husband had told their daughter that he wasn’t going to allow her to do this. Too dangerous,– and he didn’t agree with what they were doing. But my friend, the mom, immediately changed that. She told her daughter that if she wanted to support her friends, then that was what she should do. She said that the kids that were having to deal with this included ones that came over to her house to hang out after school in the afternoon. And that they always said “hi mom” when they came in.
A couple of points here,….It was an indication of the divide on these issues. On a very, very “regular people” level. This one between husband and wife. The second thing that came to me was that people have a tendency to forget the human being side of this. My friend saw kids that called her “mom” when they came over after school. I mean,………

Then, on my regular trip to see what Jon Stewart had to say last night, I found this. Just too much of a coincidence to ignore.
I liked AZ a lot while I was there. Liked the people, enjoyed my time. Still have quite a few friends there.
So I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that the Tuscon school board member in this interview isn’t an example, in a broad way, of officials in that state today. I’m really hoping he’s the exception.
I know this is a comedy show, and they wouldn’t have him on if they didn’t think they could get some good stuff out of him…. but this guy is real. A Scary mentality.

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One response to “Some AZ Thoughts

  1. toph

    April 3, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    I … I don’t know … how to even respond to the old, racist, ignorant white guy. My god we are doomed …


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