BP – A Little Reminder

20 Apr

This is an ABC News article from May of 2010.

BP’s Dismal Safety Record

Even a mathematically challenged conservative, totally void of conscience, would have a hard time spinning BP’s outrageous safety violation record into something benign.

In the last five years, investigators found, BP has admitted to breaking U.S. environmental and safety laws and committing outright fraud. BP paid $373 million in fines to avoid prosecution.
BP’s safety violations far outstrip its fellow oil companies. According to the Center for Public Integrity, in the last three years, BP refineries in Ohio and Texas have accounted for 97 percent of the “egregious, willful” violations handed out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The violations are determined when an employer demonstrated either an “intentional disregard for the requirements of the [law], or showed plain indifference to employee safety and health.”

OSHA statistics show BP ran up 760 “egregious, willful” safety violations, while Sunoco and Conoco-Phillips each had eight, Citgo had two and Exxon had one comparable citation.

And I’m going to point this now in the direction of the hydro-fracking deal.
And say,…… that all it takes is a bad player or two that don’t care all THAT much about rules and regulations, to mess up an area’s water supply.
And if republican legislators have success with their deregulation drive, — then fewer rules, less scrutiny, and minimal penalties will likely turn a few more that were saints into sinners.

One more thing to keep in mind when it comes to who wants to deregulate what:

Lobbying and political donations

The Environment News Service reported that, from 1990 – 2011, oil and gas companies contributed $238.7 million into gubernatorial and Congressional election campaigns to persuade lawmakers that fracking is safe. The fracking industry spending especially targeted oversight – members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

Republican candidates received at least three times more cash than Democratic candidates. Top Congressional recipients include:

The industry spent an additional $726 million on lobbying from 2001

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