Paul Krugman – The Drywall Chronicles

22 Apr

After reading Krugman’s post, my conclusion was:

Either Mitt Romney and his campaign people are so unaware and out of touch that they didn’t realize where they were and what the actual circumstances had been when this plant closed during the BUSH administration,…. or

Romney and his campaign people were aware,– and they just didn’t think that anyone would notice. Plus, they can always count on the uninformed republican base to soak up anything they say with no questions asked.

Still,… a great example of “blame Obama for everything and anything” republican politics.

April 22, 2012, 9:29 am

The Drywall Chronicles

So Mitt Romney gave a speech at a closed Ohio drywall factory, which he tried to use as a symbol of Obama’s economic failure. The symbolism was perfect — not as an illustration of Obama’s failure, but as an illustration of just how stupid Romney thinks we are.

Even regular reporters noticed that the factory in question closed under, yes, George W. Bush — a fact Romney failed to mention, although his campaign scrambled to cover for him afterwards.

What I didn’t see mentioned was the point that this was a drywall factory — that is, a supplier of a product largely used in home construction. It’s one thing to say that Obama should have revived the economy as a whole; it’s another to say that he should have brought back the housing bubble!

Finally, why should we believe that Romney’s policies — basically tax cuts for the rich, as usual — would yield great economic results? Well, I guess you can point to Bush’s example; how did his administration at this point compare with Obama? From BLS data:

You can offer various excuses for Bush’s record, I guess. But on the face of it, what possible reason is there to think that Bush-like policies would be an improvement?

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