Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Laura Ingraham Edition

24 May

My God, —— I’ll never figure out if it’s utter stupidity,  just brazen lies,….. or some kind of mucked up, twisted combination of both.

From Blue Texan at

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Laura Ingraham Edition

By Blue Texan



Let’s face it. Obama’s big gubmint entitlement society and out-of-control spending has spread like a cancer on America’s households. The whole country is going the way of Greece!

Why, oh why can’t we go back to the frugality and personal responsibility of the Bush/Cheney years, when honest, hard-working people lived within their means?

Oh wait.



Give them time. By the time we reach November, everything from 9/11 to Justin Beiber will be Obama’s fault.

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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Economy, Politics


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