Angry Americans vow to move to Canada because of Obamacare

28 Jun

The wingnuts seem to have impressed our neighbors to the north.

 Here’s a hint RWer’s: you wouldn’t like it here. We have socialized medicine, welfare doctors (paid by the state), same sex marriage, gun control laws, hate speech laws, no Fox News, stronger beer and the highest gas prices on the continent.   —-

Too funny. When the collective conservative base is able to come up with half a brain among them, …. give a shout.

Twitter timeline —–!/search/%23obamacare%20canada

Moving to Canada because of socialist US healthcare ruling. Also moving to Mexico because I’m tired of all the Spanish I hear in LA
Redneck yanks want to move to Canada? Because they’ll fit in with a group of educated liberals with a state controlled healthcare system…
I would say I’m going to move to Canada or something like that, but now it’s going to be full of a bunch of dumb Americans. No thank you. ————
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Posted by on June 28, 2012 in Economy, Health, Politics


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