Pennsylvania Republicans and Voter Suppression

31 Jul

For anybody that needs more proof of the mental capacities of the republican party.

You would think that, if you’re trying to enact a law that will take the right of hundreds of thousands to exercise their vote away from them,…. you may want to spend a little time familiarizing yourself about the specifics of that law.

And maybe especially so,…. if you’re being taken to trial over it.  Don’t ya think?

No,….. apparently not.

Carole Aichele, Top Election Official, At Voter ID Trial: ‘I Don’t Know What The Law Says’

   Huff Post

Secretary of Commonwealth Carole Aichele on the fifth day of a trial over Pennsylvania’s voter identification law testified at one point that she didn’t know what the law said.

She was asked about the details of the law by a lawyer for the plaintiffs, and at one point responded, “I don’t know what the law says,” according to CBS.

Aichele also said the state doesn’t know the number of voters who would need a new photo ID to vote. She said that an earlier estimate by the state of 759,000 people who lacked a driver’s license or alternative ID was released after she was told she needed to come up with a figure.





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