Yes,Yes, Yes….

13 Sep

I was tired of this suff as soon as it started.

Tired of these republican cro-mags making scapegoats out of the people that make up such a giving profession.

I’ve known, had the pleasure of knowing, a large, large number of teachers along the way.

There were a few that I didn’t like personally,…. but there were NONE that I didn’t have a great amount of respect for.

I don’t give a damn if they make a decent living. Have a good retirement. Or if there’s perceived “summers off”.

This tearing them down as human beings has to stop.

They need a Union to keep these selfish, greed filled conservative dicks from taking everything they have away from them.

From Charles Pierce via John Cole at balloonjuice…    And here’s the MSNBC panel that Digby found

Charles Pierce is Shrill

By September 13th, 2012

Right on:

I am not flexible about this. If you want to look tough at the expense of public-school teachers, you are a snob or a coward, or perhaps both. Every member of this MSNBC panel that Digby found, including all the liberals and all the Democrats thereon, can bite me, seriously. If I have to read one more smug, Ivy League writer from Slate talking, as the big strike goes on, about public-school teachers as though they were unruly hired help, I may hit someone with a fish. Let Matt Yglesias do 20 percent more work for four percent less pay and see how he likes it. The idea that, say, “Chuck” Lane cares more about “the kids” than do the people walking the picket lines in Chicago is damned near close to obscene.

What he said.


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2 responses to “Yes,Yes, Yes….

  1. twissblog

    September 26, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    Sometimes I think the right believes that the free market will somehow provide everything if we just get out of the way, like education and defense. Not sure exactly how they expect this to work (spontaneous schools erupt out of nowhere???)

    • h2dog

      September 26, 2012 at 8:39 pm

      Yeah,…exactly. This “all for me” philosophy, Ayn Rand bullshit, is crazy to me.
      Tears things down.
      No rules?? I thought we just saw what that brings a few short years ago.
      Too many people have short memories.


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