Attacks on US Diplomatic Targets

13 Oct

I’d like to see the republican leadership, and the talking heads, get something right.

No lies,…. no spin.

But I doubt it’s something I’ll see in my lifetime.

In spite of their claims, —- the constant attempts to portray the current administration as weak,—- the republican track record speaks for itself.

From motherjones

Paul Ryan’s Ridiculous Talking Points on Libya

Ryan and his House Republican colleagues voted repeatedly to cut millions in funding for diplomatic security, even as they criticize the administration for defense cuts in the sequestration deal that they also voted for. Moreover, it’s not just a simple matter to send in the Marines—they can only be deployed with the permission of the host country, and their primary responsibility is the protection of sensitive information, not serving as bodyguards for US ambassadors. The latter is handled by the State Department’s own security agency; more broadly, the security of foreign diplomats is the duty of the host country, one which, owing to instability and the weakness of its central government, the Libyans failed.

Ryan’s logic breaks down completely when it comes to his contradictory views on funding for defense and for the State Department. “When we show that we’re cutting down on defense, it makes us more weak,” he said. “It projects weakness.” (Ryan, you’ll recall, voted for the sequestration deal that could end in defense cuts. Is he therefore also responsible for the Benghazi attack?) The historical record on attacks on US diplomatic targets shows that Ryan’s theory—that Republicans ostensibly “projecting strength” stops terrorist attacks—is nonsense:


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