One More Time for Joe

14 Oct

Just watched a few more of the “talking head” Sunday shows.

Gotta think about trying to lose the addiction. Just too frustrating.

Common theme was the VP debate. (imagine that)  Republicans still trying their best to cut Joe Biden for his facial expressions, his smiles, and his laughing at Paul Ryan’s statements. “Unbecoming”,…. “rude”, …. “no manners”, …. some of the opinions I’ve heard. (I’ll say it again, — give me any random clip from a Boehner, McConnel, Cantor, Reince Preibus interview,…… and I’ll show you some REAL low-class insults)

So, I’ll give you this article from eclectablog, and give Joe Biden a pat on the back for not backing down in the face of the BS on a national stage.  Good job, Joe.

This is how you handle liars. You show the perfect amount of derision for someone who is lying to the American people and then refute his lies with facts, openly, aggressively and with humor.

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