Deregulate – Because the Possibilities are Endless

15 Oct

Whether you choose to believe or not,…. you should go peruse this article that’s been making the rounds.
It will at least be food for thought, and open your eyes to the potential that’s already out there.

The potential that we saw realized in 2008. When things kind of crashed, … if you remember.

Recollect what brought that crash about??     I do.

And,…. I also remember the ethics of the people that caused .things to fall apart.

And the stiff penalties that they’ve seen because of it.  ????????????????  Well, no,…. I guess not.

Will be interesting to see what comes of this. (actually to see if it even gets any media attention at all)

Computerized Robo-Signing: Is Green Tree Servicing Taking Robo-Fraud to a Whole New Level?

New Level?           

Never let it be said that where there is big money invested, there won’t be crooks in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how big you are there’s always a short cut that can that can potentially create more wealth – if you don’t get caught.

An investigator in the northwest uncovered just such a scam – so big that authorities claim it needs multi-state attention. It appears Green Tree Servicing has been flying under the radar and was hardly noticed until a recordation research team began uncovering similarly signed documents – yup, the old robo-signed Assignment of Mortgage trickery again… but this time new and improved via computer, maybe for speed and precision, ya think?

It appears the signatures are in the computer – no dummies needed to sign – just fill in the blanks and push the buttons (as if that wasn’t committing an unlawful act)… “Who, me? I just filled in the information and pressed print…” Why bother to use humans when computers will do just the same… and what are they going to do – arrest or sue the computer?” How about the programmer or the button pusher or the boss?!

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