It’s Not Like It’s a Hard Job

16 Oct

It’s easy, actually.

Pointing out when Romney/Ryan are lying.

Just be recording when they speak. That’s all.

Tedious,….. yes.       Have to be discerning? …, not at all.

They’re speaking publicly?   You’re good..

Just wait for words to come out.

In private?  To boosters/donors?  You may find their real perspectives there, ….. if you can sneak yourself in somehow. (like, maybe, being part of the waitstaff with a good smartphone)   47% ring a bell?

This particular new “revelation” about the republican ticket and their policy to save the country has been everywhere this morning, so I thought I may as well repeat it here.

This found on Andrew Sullivan’s blog,

Romney’s Jobs Plan Disintegrates On Inspection

Well that was a surprise, wasn’t it? Romney claims he will provide 12 million new jobs. But that’s the consensus view of economists for the next four years regardless who is president. So Kessler goes through the specific Romney campaign claims for job growth and what studies lie behind them:

The specifics — 7 million plus 3 million plus 2 million [jobs] — mentioned  by Romney in the ad are not in the white paper. So where did that come  from? We asked the Romney campaign, and the answer turns out to  be: totally different studies … with completely different timelines…  For instance, the 3-million-jobs claim for Romney’s energy policies appears largely based on a Citigroup Global Markets study that did not even evaluate Romney’s policies. Instead, the report predicted 2.7 million to 3.6 million jobs would be created over the next eight years,  largely because of trends and policies already adopted  — including tougher fuel efficiency standards that Romney has criticized and suggested he would reverse.

He’s a massive, practised, knowing liar.


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