One Woman’s View

18 Oct

I like her view.

I agree with her view.

I support her view.

From  Amy Sullivan     The New Republic

Mitt the Jerk: a Woman’s View of the Debate

Mitt the Man gets his way by talking over you and not stopping until you give in so he can make his point. Which he may have forgotten by then, because getting his way was the point.

Mitt the Man can go from charming to testy in two seconds flat because while he has tolerated you as a female colleague, he will not allow you to disrespect him and his authoritah!

Mitt the Man is not self-aware enough to realize that he can be easily goaded and that you are pushing his buttons.

Mitt the Man feels sorry for you as a single parent and your sure-to-be-screwed-up kids.

Mitt the Man cannot help but disappoint you because his chivalry is all about saying the right thing as opposed to doing the right thing.

It’s fair to say that Mitt the Man did not have a great evening on Tuesday. He bragged about filling positions in his state cabinet by consulting “whole binders full of women,” sounding amazed that so many smart, qualified women existed while also calling to mind the days when men selected their mail-order brides from plastic binders of photos. He talked about how in a Romney administration, employers would be so “anxious” to hire good workers that they might even consider women. He fumbled an otherwise reasonable point about the connection between family structure and poverty (one key reason most anti-poverty advocates support family planning, sex education, access to contraception) by managing to sound like he was blaming single moms for horrific gun violence.

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