There’s Nothing Romney Says That’s Not Based on Deception – Nothing

18 Oct

There’s a lie or an attempt to deceive in some way in everything the man says.

From The Kos

big ‘four years tuition-free’ scholarship covered just a small fraction of
college costs

From the debate:

When I was governor of Massachusetts, to get a high school degree you had to pass an exam. If you graduated in the top quarter of your class, we gave you a John and Abigail Adams scholarship—four years tuition-free to the college of your choice in Massachusetts that’s a public institution.

Here’s the reality (PDF): At the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, when the John and Abigail Adams scholarship was established in 2004, tuition was $1,714. That’s how much it was in 1999, and that’s how much it is this year. Fees, on the other hand, were $7,294 in 2004-2005 (up from $6,518 in 2003-2004, the year Romney took office, and a sharp increase from the $4,768 the year before he took office). The year Romney left office, fees were $7,881. That means that the scholarship program Romney is so proud of, the one he mentioned in the very first minutes of the debate, covered 19 percent of college costs the year it was established, and 17.8 percent the year he left office. And that’s not even talking about room and board.

It’s not just UMass-Amherst, the flagship of the state system, either. Berkshire Community College? Tuition was and is frozen at $780. Fees went from $2,610 to $2,896. So the Adams scholarship went from covering 23 percent of costs to covering 21.2 percent of costs during Romney’s tenure. Bridgewater State University? Tuition stayed at $910, while fees went from $4,416 to $4,956. The Adams scholarship dropped from 17 percent of costs to 15.5 percent. Again, not counting room and board.


And I’m sure I’ll get the “yeah, that’s what he said,… but it’s not what he means” garbage from some wingnut on these.

“The government doesn’t create jobs,” – Mitt Romney, October 16.

“As president, I will create 12 million new jobs,” – Mitt Romney, October 16.


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