Yes, Virginia,… There Is a Voter Fraud

19 Oct

In Republicanville.

And after the fox has been screaming so loud about those damned chickens being so dangerous.

But somehow, the “bags” of registration forms being thrown away have turned into just a few forms.


Still,… would be funny, funny, funny,….. if it didn’t showcase the pathetic hypocrisy of today’s conservative mindset.

Virginia Voter Registration Destruction Leads To Arrest

A Pennsylvania man with ties to Virginia’s Republican Party was arrested Thursday on charges of destroying voter registration forms.

Talking Points Memo reports that Colin Small, of Phoenixville, Pa., worked for a firm hired by the Republican Party of Virginia to register voters. Small was charged with destroying voter registration forms, failing to disclose applications and obstruction of justice. Police told WHSV that additional charges may be forthcoming.

Investigators say the incident “appears to be limited in nature” and that there is no reason to believe that such destruction was common practice at the firm.

A probe into the alleged destruction began Monday, when a store manager in Harrisonburg, Va. reported seeing a man throw away eight filled-out voter registration forms hours before the state’s registration deadline. Police later returned the forms to the county’s registrar.

“Everybody that had not been on our records is now registered to vote,” Duck Geib, Rockingham County registrar, said.

According to WHSV, the investigation is still ongoing.


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