Republican Shill Has Lucid Moment

22 Oct


Matt Dowd totally broke down on Sunday, and let an idea rooted in common sense leave his lips.

( I did check The Onion, because I’ve been fooled before, but I think this is real)

Conservative heads are exploding nationwide.

Heather is correct,…. Dowd still had to preface that common sense with the standard “both sides do it” line of bull,….. but that’s a small price to pay for being able to be a witness to this monumental event. Which we may never see happen again.

Matt Dowd Calls Out Republican Hypocrisy on Libya Investigation

By Heather

As Mugsy rightfully noted, it looked like someone spiked Matt Dowd’s oatmeal during this Sunday’s This Week panel segment. Of course he couldn’t do this without the typical Villager qualifications about “both sides” being equally horrible false equivalence for openers, but it was nice to see someone call out the Republicans’ utter hypocrisy when carping about the speed of the investigations over the embassy bombing in Libya.

DOWD: George, here this is what I think is what’s wrong I think in this system that we have today in which there is no pause button. And there’s no time for thoughtfulness on both sides of it. Somebody says something, and we automatically throw everything at them and say, oh, I can’t believe they said this. They’re horrible. They have bad intentions, they’re evil, or what they did. Why don’t we have answers and all, that there’s no point in time where we can sit back and say calmly, on both sides of the aisle, it happens on both sides.

But I think, let me just say one thing to put this Benghazi thing in context of like, why don’t we have answers and where are they — I worked for President Bush. We had a president and an administration for years made an argument about weapons of mass destruction for years, and now we’ve lost thousands of lives over an Iraq based on a false assumption and all of that.

This is not – there wasn’t two weeks, this was months and months and months of a conversation where we never got the right answer to this. And still today, nobody in the administration at a high enough level…

SUSTEREN; And the point is that our intelligence gathering is bad.

Of course he was interrupted before he could even finish his point by Fox’s Greta Van Susteren and that crook Ralph Reed, who ought to be sitting in a jail cell instead of appearing on my television screen, both carrying water for Mittens and basically ignoring what Dowd said. If 9-11 had happened on a Democrat’s watch, after seeing these Republicans in action on the Libya debacle, I’m fairly sure they’d have been impeached over it.


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