NBC politics Poll – This is Interesting

23 Oct

I’ve been trying, without much success, to avoid the inevitable Fox News/conservative crazy/republican pundit BS about how their candidate got the better of the president last night.

It’s been non-stop all day. I guess they didn’t see Mitt sweating like I did. And,… towards the end of the debate, it really looked like the man was on the verge of a breakdown. Couldn’t be over fast enough for old Mitt, it seemed.

So, waiting to see a couple more of the polls and reviews over the day.

And just ran across this one from NBC.

I realize that you couldn’t get a wingnut to admit that the sun shines every once in a while in Arizona if it wasn’t what they wanted to see. But, with a sampling number like that, I’d say that they should worry a little, don’t you?   I know…. I know…. they’ll fudge up a few numbers to counter. But, I know what I saw, and what I heard. And Romney looked and sounded like his complete lack of knowledge would be dangerous on the world stage. I guess a lot of others saw and heard that too.

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