Today’s 3rd Grade Geography Quiz

23 Oct

Using this map –

asia map

Find Iran’s quickest and easiest route to the sea.

Hint 1 – Looking west is an option, but somebody recently placed a Turkey and an Iraq in the way.

Hint 2 – You’re allowed to use the 1500 miles of coastline at the southern part of the country as a reference.

Hint 3 – Don’t consult the republican presidential candidate.


And remember,….. Glenn Kessler, the  fact checker’s fact checker, has looked into this particular problem before, and is still a little confused.

Fact Check: Iran’s ‘route to the sea’

Posted by Glenn Kessler on October 22, 2012 at 9:25 pm

Mitt Romney repeated his contention that Syria is Iran’s route to the sea. This is a puzzling claim, considering that Syria shares no border with Iran — Iraq and Turkey are in the way — and that Iran has about 1,500 miles of coastline along the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, leading to the Arabian Sea. The Fact Checker column has looked into this before.

This is the explanation provided by the Romney campaign: “It is generally recognized that Syria offers Iran strategic basing/staging access to the Mediterranean as well as to terrorist proxies in the Levant. This is a large reason why Iran invests so much in Syria.”


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