He’s back,… and they still love him

20 Nov

Looks like poor ‘ol Mitt has taken ALL the blame. I hear from the boys at the top that their message was right,… but they just needed a better candidate.

I‘m sure that was it.

Rob Portman says Paul Ryan is good at “selling a product”

Yeah,…. I can believe that. Snake oil comes to mind.

From The Times

Back on Hill, Ryan Remains a Fiscal Force

Jonathan Ernst for The New York Times

Representative Paul D. Ryan, in Washington last week, resumes his post as the House Budget Committee chairman.

Published: November 18, 2012
WASHINGTON — Gone is the private jet and the motorcade that swept him from the tarmac to the private hotel entrances. His security staff has been reduced to a few Capitol Police officers, soon to fade away. Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin is back to driving his own truck back home, and walking to the House floor here for votes alone, like everyone else.

But while the campaign trappings and the high profile of the national campaign are behind him, Mr. Ryan now finds himself at the center of one of the biggest fiscal negotiations in a generation.

Speaker John A. Boehner has tapped Mr. Ryan, who has returned to his post as the House Budget Committee chairman after an unsuccessful run for vice president, to help strike a deal to avoid big tax increases and spending cuts by the end of the year, and to bring along fellow Republicans.

“He helps us toward creating a product,” said Senator Rob Portman, Republican of Ohio, “and he helps sell the product.”


When Mr. Ryan returned to Capitol Hill last week, he was met with a standing ovation from his Republican colleagues, a bear hug from Mr. Boehner and the hope from conservatives that he would hold the line on taxes and other spending.“I hope he’s front and center in this debate,” said Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, who is the departing chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee. “He’s probably our best spokesperson for how serious this debt situation is.”
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